Sunday, October 21, 2007

sunday music: 21 october

A Mighty Fortress (to anticipate next Sunday)
Nothing But the Blood
I Need Thee Every Hour
and a new one to me,

(commenting on the RevFals Sunday afternoon video comments...)

again: Episcopalians don't observe Reformation Sunday... oh, I know--it was so jarring to me (jarred me so?) the year or so I attended that episcopal church, though I knew ahead of time, and seriously considered going to another church for that Sunday. Luther and devils are such a fun mix; the accompaniment to A Mighty Fortress last Sunday really, really rocked. I wonder what'll top that on Reformation Sunday?

and more again: Cathy, in my experience the PCUSA, UCC, and the various Lutheran denoms all are huge on Reformation Sunday/Day, and (retreating to shorthand that says way too little) mostly consider it a major festival of the Spirit, somewhat akin to Pentecost, but I assume other church bodies within the theological traditions of the Reformation celebrate it, too.

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