Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Piano Music 2006: 20th Century American

Today I'm wrapping up 2006 by posting the music I've performed in public over the past few years.

Scottish Poem in f minor, Opus 31, No. 2 | Edward MacDowell
Pavane | Morton Gould
Song after Sundown | Randall Thompson
Hillsong | Paul Nordoff
Appalachian Dance | Paul Nordoff
Prelude and Fughetta | Vittorio Giannini
Prelude in F | Douglas Moore
American Ballads: "Streets of Laredo" | Roy Harris
Toccata | Roy Harris
Morning Song | Paul Creston
Prelude and Dance, Opus 29, No. 1 | Paul Creston
Prelude and Dance, Opus 29, No. 2 | Paul Creston
a fancy - the meadowlarks in the goldenrod | Leo Sowerby
Sonata No. 3 | Vincent Persichetti
       "Declaration" - "Episode" - "Psalm"
Excursions, Opus 20 | Samuel Barber
       I. Un poco allegro
       II. In slow blues tempo
       III. Allegretto
       IV. Allegro molto
Fantasy Rondo | Lukas Foss
For Lenny | Lukas Foss
Scherzo Ricercato | Lukas Foss
3 in blue jazz preludes | Ann Southam
       Allegretto; Andantino; Allegro ma non troppo

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